Olivia Callahan Suspense New Release

Book Two in the Olivia Callahan Suspense series released the first of April, 2022. Book Three will release Spring, 2023.

Back Cover Copy for THE RISING, Book Two

After an assault that landed her in a hospital as a Jane Doe two years earlier, Olivia Callahan has regained her speech, movement, and much of the memory she lost due to a traumatic brain injury. The media hype about the incident has faded away, and Olivia is ready to rebuild her life, but her therapist insists she must continue to look back in order to move forward. The only person that can help her recall specifics is her abusive ex-husband, Monty, who is in prison for murder. The thought of talking to Monty makes her skin crawl, but for her daughters’ sake and her own sanity, she must learn more about who she was before the attack.

Just as the pieces of her life start falling into place, she stumbles across the still-warm body of an old friend who has been gruesomely murdered. Her dream of pursuing a peaceful existence is shattered when she learns the killer left evidence behind to implicate her in the murder. The only person that would want to sabotage her is Monty—but he’s in prison! Something sinister is going on, and Olivia is desperate to figure it out. Do all her friends have targets on their backs because she made the tragic decision to marry a sociopath twenty years ago?

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Book One

Olivia is an interesting character because, as a victim of a vicious assault, she sustained a brain injury which erased her memory. The road back is long and convoluted and her personality evolves into the exact opposite of how friends and family remember her. Her brain blips continue into the next book, but she continues to find her footing in spite of consequences of her choices that threaten to destroy her new life. In Book Two, she carves out a new, exciting, career path, but at what cost?

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