A Friend is just a Friend, but a Cell Phone is Forever

cell phone articleI don’t know about you, but going from a busy, people-focused career to a stay-at-home, writing mode has been quite an adjustment. I’m still adjusting. I don’t know if I’ll ever adjust, but I’m working on it.

Most of my challenges have to do with self esteem. Think about it. When we are out and about and flitting around like butterflies, there are people, at least two or three, that are ALWAYS bragging on us, telling us how wonderful our latest cute top looks, or how incredibly flattering our makeup is. Just sayin’.

Add to that fact my husband, bless him, is not one to brag on or compliment his woman. To everyone else, he touts me to the skies, but do I ever hear about it? Sometimes. Not often, though. If you read this, that’s okay honey, I know you are yelling compliments at me silently. Continue reading