Sometimes Pity Party Yields Actual Party

Never feel self-pity, the most destructive emotion there is. How awful to be caught up in the terrible squirrel cage of self. ~ Millicent Fenwick

pity party 1Last week I was caught up in the terrible squirrel cage of self, and it poured from my mouth in a torrent of excoriation (look it up) and blatant disregard for feelings of others. In short, I was an emotional stick of dynamite, lit and ready to explode.

On the eve of my @@##!! birthday, a milestone in every woman’s life, I was in a pretty darn sour mood.  My thoughts ran to decades past, to countless birthday celebrations I’d arranged for my kids, countered by the countless years I’d heard: sorry mom, broke this year, just thought a pity party 5phone call would do, haha. I understood, I did. Still do. But for whatever reason, this year, I’d had enough. I was tired of a phone call maybe two days after the fact. Tired of kids who’d put a nice post on FB, but Continue reading